which gps is fit to the xda2 - becide bluethooth reciever - MDA II, XDA II, 2060 Accessories

does the saphir mouse gps is good ??


Bluetooth car phone kit and Bluetooth Tomtom

Can you have both work at the same time??? Bluetooth car phone kit and Bluetooth Tomtom.
:? Thanks Peter.
Yes you can, i do it with my HCB300 car kit and a Bluetooth GPS.
(i thought it was not possible too ... i think it can be done because car kit uses a diferent protocol than Bluetooth gps ...)
But it is possible and works fine!

Wired GPS and Blue tooth Audio

I have an XDA 11i runnung Tom Tom 3 software with a wired GPS reciever. When I try to connect to my HCB30 car kit for audio using bluetooth it fails to connect. If I remove the Tom Tom software it works ok. tHE gps com 1 and I think the bluetooth is trying to use com 1 as well

Wired gps

I have a wired gps for tomtom in my car that works great
My question is I also have a basic garmin gps that outputs a nmea string same as the wired one in car is there a lead available to conect it to my SPV M1500 (alpine) so i can use tomtom while walking around a strange town while on holiday or would i be better just getting a bluetooth gps
Ps Garmin etrex has a lead from it to a standard rs232 serial plug

Alternative Bluetooth Stacks on Vox

does anyone know of any alternative bluetooth stacks or improvements that can be made to the Vox? I am having issues with Carkit connectivity and "Set as wireless stereo" issues

Volume problem on BT transmit

Hi !
I use the BT stereo A2DP to transmit music (and also Tomtom instruction) between my Cruise and my car audio system (Sony MEX BT2500).
The problem is that the volume is really weak .
This problem doesn't come from the car because I used it before with an HP iPAQ 6515 and it worked perfectly.
Is there any solution to fix the problem ?