USB GPS on my XDA2? - MDA II, XDA II, 2060 Accessories

i have a usb GPS for my laptop, but is there or will there be an adaptor
to plug USB things sutch as this usb gps into the XDA2 ?


[Q] USB Wireless Headset Driver

I got the Sony Wireless 7.1 Headset which is wireless with usb adapter...
But it doesn't actually work on my TF300 Anyone knows about a driver for usb wireless headset's? Cause the usb adapter is "working" (shows blue light) when "inserted"...

[Q] docking station and the ethernet connection

i just got the surface pro docking station and hooked it up , everything is working except the ethernet . it first finds connection then starts to indentify and then it keeps saying unidentified network. i have updated the latest surface ethernet adapter driver. whats going on?
i can connect with an usb to ethernet adapter no problem and my other comps are also connected so its not my router/ modem . its the ethernet connection on the surface pro docking station. ps, the usb to ethernet adapter works while plugged into the docking station.
Does it physically function while claiming to be an unidentified network? My laptops ethernet port also labels it as an unidentified network but works perfectly fine.
no i can not connet to the net via the rj45 connection but like i said when i connect with the rj45 connected to a usb adapter the internet works fine , i dont know what i m missing here, i figured, plug the rj45 connector in and it would connect. what has the usb adapter got that the docking station ethernet connector dosent.

[Q] Powered USB Hub Setup

I am trying to connect my NVidia Sheild to a powered usb hub with no luck at this point.
Heres what I'm using:
Powered Hub
USB to Ethernet
Male to Male USB
So I am taking the OTG to USB and connecting it to the Sheild OTG port. From there I have a Male to Male USB connecting the OTG to USB to the Powered usb hub. When I do this I can see that the Sheild's power light is orange which indicates to me that it is getting power and not acting as the USB Host for the Hub?
I did notice when I tried to use an air mouse directly with the OTG to USB it works as it should but not when it's connected to the powered usb hub instead, then nothing works (just charging). Also my ethernet adapter doesnt work via the powered usb hub or the OTG to USB.
BTW this whole physical setup worked just fine (plug and play) with both android MK808 and MK908. I was surprised that the Sheild isnt picking this up as well.
Can anyone tell me if I have incompatable hardware and if so what is compatable? Also I do not have ROOT access to the Sheild...yet, could that be the issue?
Many thanks in advance.

[Q]Multipe Usb Devices- Charger and PC at the same time

Hy there
I want to mount my Tablet in my Car at the moment everything is up and running except for the USB connection.
In the Car the tablet will be connected permanently to an Car charger. but i still would like to have an option to plug it into my pc and use USB OTG.
Removing the tablet from the car is not an option because it will be mounted there permanently.
So i thought about this:
When i connect the +5V and GND Lines form the Charger to the Tablet it should charge
Then i would connect the D+ & D- lines to an Micro usb port mounted in the dash. so i can get an usb connection with my laptop.
Additionally i want to mount an Female type A Usb connector to the dash which yould get all the Wires from the Tablet (the +5V &GND ist connected to the carger)
Here is a Picture:
Would this work this way?
push ....

wifi from galaxy s5 to wired device???

Im basically trying to use the wifi on my phone to connect a wired device to the internet via micro usb to usb female/usb male to etheternet female chain
It's not a smart device
On my tethering options it does not recognise any usb =(
Is this possible??
I used a tplink 3020 to do that