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Ok, I have a BT200 that is working very quirkly with my i-mate. Sometimes the phone transfers the call to the headset, sometimes it doesn't. After deleting and recreating the bond, it works, but not for long. Anyone have one of these setup and working properly? Is there a trick to it?
Also, does anyone know if other headset drivers exist that may work on the i-mate that would allow you to hear all audio (not just phone) through a bluetooth earpiece?

Figured it out?
Ok, I've finally pinpointed that it works fine until I turn off the jabra headset, then when I turn it back on, I have to go through the entire thing again of re-creating the bond, etc..
Anyone know how to avoid having to recreate this everytime I turn the headset on or off?

I don't now ... but i have also jaba 200 and the MDA II is must arrive...
well please chip us informed

I have the same combination and have also observed the same hassles.
It seems to work when I turn the BT headset function on the MDA off and on also. Thsi seems to result in a rebond.

Exact Steps
If you could post the exact order of the steps you take to turn on / off the headset, I'd appreciate it. Right now, I'm doing the following:
1. Finish BT Headset Call.
2. Disable Bluetooth Headset Mode on Phone.
3. Disable Bluetooth on the phone.
4. Hold button on JABRA to turn it off.
Then, attempting to...
1. Hold button on JABRA to turn it on.
2. Enable Bluetooth on the phone (Set to "On" or "Discoverable")
3. Enable Bluetooth Headset Mode on phone.
4. Attempt to make call.
So if you could posts steps like that, i'd appreciate it. Also, do you set your bluetooth to "On" or "Discoverable"? Do you ever turn off the Bluetooth Radio completely?

Yup me an all. I too have the Jabra BT200 and have the same problem. Providing you don't switch off the headset or go out of range your ok, but for instance when you leave the headset in the car and take the XDA2 with you you have to create a new bond to use it again. AHHHHHHHHH!!!
Shame cos so much else has been sorted on it.....and more. What a piece of kit!!

OK, so here is the sequence, which seems to work (for me).
1) I set everything up as per instruction. creating the bond between the Jabra and the MDA II.
2) Before (or after) I turn off the Jabra I disable the BT-Headset on the Today-screen.
3) Then I turn the Jabra on again and wait several seconds before enabling the BT Headset on the MDA II.
This seems to work most of the time, though the hint regarding going out of distance might explain the instabilities I have still observed. In any case, using the BT-Headset ON/Off on the Today-screen seems to resync things most of the time and get the Jabra up and running again.
Hope this helps and always open for new ideas

I have been a bit impatient after turning the BT headset on. I'll try it and let you guys know.

I may have been a bit optomistic. :roll:
Today I observed that sometimes the Headset reacts very late. Consequently you miss half of the call. Seems to be an XDA problem.

As for my XDA II with Sony Ericsson HBH-65, after creating the bond, before i turn off the BT headset, i turn off BT profile and BT on my PDA, then turn off the Headset.
If i want to turn on the headset, i activate BT on my PDA, then BT profile, the the headset. Sometimes in teh day headset seem to lose the bond and cannot use the BT to call or whatever. I tried turning on/off BT on my PDA, did not work. Turn on/off headset, it worked. So for me most of the time is my headset causing the problems

i am having the same problem with the new moto bluetooth headset although i have experienced no problemzs with the se hbh-30 bluetooth headset....i can turn off and transfer calls without any impact on teh bonding

Jabra problems
I've had similar problems on a boring old Nokia 6310 with my BT200. In the end, all I could do was find the 'automaticly reconnect' option on the Nokia. during calls, the link is allways fine, but between calls, when I guess one end or the other goes to sleep, the link will drop out, and then instantly reconnect. This happens around 2 or 3 times an hour.
Is there a 'automaticly reconnect' option on your XDA?
All the best

OK, I finally sacked my Jabra 200, because of its instability. What use is a headset, that doesn't repond when a call comes in? :evil:
I bought a B-Speech from B-Data yesterday and it seems to be working much better :lol: .

Nokia HS-3w headset with XDA II
Well! I am using the Nokia HS-3W Bluetooth Headset with my XDA II . I can pair up two devices and use it for only ten minutes :twisted: . After that, the headset will off(goes to sleep) . I Have to turn on the headset every ten minutes. I ask the dealer about the problem. They told me this headset work fine with Nokia's phone. They told me , there is three color on the light. Red light will flash when you turn off the headset. Green Light will flash when you turn on the headset up to ten minutes, if cann't find the phone devices , it will goes off.White light will flash, when the headset connected to the phone. When I turn on the headset, I just can see the green light only.But, if someone call me or I make a call ,the white light will flash.After the that the headset will flash the green light again for about ten minutes and goes off. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks!

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Hi, I will like to ask how your headset B-Speech is working.
It works 100%?
I have a jabra 250 with the same problems as BT200
Please let me know

The B-Speech Headset is working OK, however it doesn't solve the problems with the Microsoft BT-stack.
Some observations, probably also applicable to the Jabra:
:?: When you go out of range with the headset, it will probably not reconnect automatically (but how do you know)
:x On an incoming call, the XDA may be very slow in activating the headset, so you might miss the call (seems to be tied into what the XDA s/w is just doing at the time
When you turn the Headset off, make sure to turn it off on the Today screen first. And when you turn them on, make sure to wait about 2 sec. after you turn the headset on before turning it on on the Today screen.
:idea: What seems to work best, is turning that Headset off and then on again on the Today screen. It usually comes back after that.
Mind you, it isn't the headset thats causing these problems. Its just that Microsoft botched the Bluetooth stack - probably the programmers had blue teeth from all the wine they were drinking!

I've found the out of range issue to be mute on my jabra 200. The only time the bond is broken is when the headset has been turned off. Or sometimes when it has been on charge.....

Strange........I use the Jabra BT 250 with the MDA II and have non of these reconnection problems. I f I turn it on and place a call (or receive) it reacts immediately.
However, I cannot use the advanced Headset Profile features of the Jabra with the MDA, but this is not the fault of the Jabra........

Could the people who are having problems and the people who are not having problems with their Jabra BT200's please post their version numbers of the Jabra BT200. You can find the version number on the boom going to the microphone. It will be 2 numbers and a letter, like 48A or something like that. I'm testing a theory that I think will help identify why some people work and some don't.

Ok, the number on my Jabra Bt 250 is 44B.


Bluetooth headsets - sequence of operation

I decided to open a new thread although there were several threads on the use of bluetooth headsets. My intent is to explore whether there is a particular sequence that we need to follow when operating the XDAII and BT headset. I am using a Ericsson HBH-65.
First observation:
I notice that I need to end all calls via the bluetooth headset rather than from the XDAII. If I end a call using the XDAII (ie depressing the red button), for subsequent calls whether incoming or outcoming, I cannot use the headset. There is no connection between the 2. I seem to be able to simulate this almost 99% of the time.
Second observation:
I normally switch off my BT headset overnight for charging purposes etc. At the same time I deactivate the BT settings on my XDAII.
The next morning, I would activate the BT settings, BT profiles and then switch on my headset.
I notice that for the first call I made/receive the next day, I will have problems using the headset. I am not quite sure whether it is the case that I need to switch on my BT headset first and then the XDAII BT settings and BT profiles. I say this as to resolve the problem, I seemingly need to deactivate/activate the BT profile settings before it works and then for subsequent calls I would have no problems using the headset. This needs further testing to test my hypothesis.
Anyone notice anything different on their part.
Same issues
I have had the HBH-65 and have noticed the same issues. I have also had an Logitech and did not have any problems with that.. I am guessing the issue is with the firmware on the HBH-65.
I use Bluetake GII with my xda2. No sequence, no problems. I never even think about switching it on or off. Works in any sequence. Nice looking too! :wink:
I have a Jabra 250, and I do not have to follow any ritual to have it to work fine
I have a Logitech Bluetooth headset with my Qtek 2020 (rom 1.60.21), and it works like crap.
First of all, the headset wont turn on/off sometimes.
Second - if its turned on, and the qtek has been turned off, i need to reconnect it, to switch automatticly when recieving a call.
Thirdly - both speak and hear is very poor quality/fare away (very silent) even though ive turned the volume to maxx.
BT Headset - Works Flawlessly
I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-30 headset and I never give the slightest thought to sequences or procedures. I can turn the headset on and off, the profile on and off, even the BT stack on and off - without ever having to re-bond or anything else.
Now if I could just voice-dial a call with the bloody thing I would be truly happy indeed.
Same problems but getting it figured out
I have the HBH-65 and it seems to work fine now that I've hopefully figured it out. I do a few things. First, I leave the Bluetooth on, on my i-Mate. Second, once it's in range I've noticed it takes about a minute for it to link up. When it links it either makes a single beep (if I just turned on the Headset) or a quiet click if it was already on. I doesn't work ALL of the time, but the more I use it the better it gets. I really expected it to be a little easier.
I have the HBH-200 with call display...which the salesman assured me that it would work with my XDA 2! Call display does not work, and if I end a call on the O2 the headset will hang. Other than that it's great!
I Have a XDAII and a HBH-35
They key to it seems to be not to turn anything off ! it's really frustrating when you think it's all linked up and then get in the car only to recieve a call and not be able to answer it with the headset.
If I have turned the headset off it's a right pain to bond again, red, green lights, funny beeps it's very confusing !
Once it's bonded it's great ! I am amazed with the call quality.
I have an Sony Ericsson HBH 35, I have no problem w3ith the bluetooth pick up call are end calls.
I can even transfer call from my bluetooth to the handaset and by reverse pick up call on my handset and then transfer the call back to the headset all I have to do his to hold the button on the headset fro a few second and the call transfer from the handaset to the bluetooth headset no problem.
Great piece of headset I would really reccomended it to anyone.
The rom on my XDA II is still the version 1.05
Cheers Gigino
Do you ever turn your headset off or disable bluetooth?
I don't have any problems when it's bonded. Just problems if I turn the headset off to save battery
I only turn the headset off at night when I charge it. I use to swwitch off the headset but not anymore becauswe if it is on it use very very little power so it last all day with no problem.
The bluetooth on the XDA II I have never turn it off since I bought it 5 month ago the bluetooth headset on the XdA II is always on.
I've try it switch it of and then on the bletooth and the bluetooh heaset on the XDA II but when I turn it on and turn the headset on it all works fine.
They is no issue on the headset I've tryed every diffrent combinetion the is and the headset works fine.
I have never needed to rebond the headset with the XDA II.
The only thing I have not try is if I can receive a second caller.
Mean trying to switch between 2 caller when I have the chance I will try it.

Problems with Plantronics M3000 and QTEK 2020

I have bought a Plantronics M3000 bluetooth headset for my QTEK 2020. I have no problems pairing, calling and answering. However the headset just shuts off after a few minutes of conversation. It doesn't just cut the conversation but shuts off. I can make multiple short calls but nothing longer than 3/4 minutes. It works, however, without problems on my wife's Ericsson T68. Anyone can help ? Thanks.
I have the MDA2 (same as QTek2020) and a Plantronics M3000 and It's been working just fine.
The problem you describe it's very weird since you mentioned that the headset works fine with your wife's mobile, and that makes me think that your QTek has some sort of problem with the Bluetooth stack or hardware.
It may be well worth to try (if possible) another headset just to make sure that is not the M3000 fault.
Do you see any type of error or message on the screen at the time of disconnection?
Does it always cut the conversation at the exact same moment?
Does the problem match the time the QTek takes to power save?
Any other clues?
I did not have the occasion to test another BT headset on the Qtek. When it shuts down there isn't any message displayed.
I have no problems with the BT stack (with the Pocket Bluetooth Tools patch) when using it with a BT GPS (Emtac) receiver, it works for hours.
However, your suggestion that it might happen when the Qtek goes in energy saving mode is interesting. I will check that tomorrow.
I'll post the result.
I seem to have a similar poblem after installing pocket bluetooth tools!.
I use a Jabra BT 250..and I noticed that the headset just mutes during the call..
I am generally used to switching off the display of the XDA after placing the call to power save ...
So I discovered that the headset would mute whenever i switch off the xda after making the call (which it never did prior to installing PBT)!
any thoughts on that?
maybe it has to do with the auto switch off plugin?
Actually I just experienced that too...
If I place (or answer a call) the next time I try to use the phone via the BT headset I notice the BT headset was turned off... Yeah, it could be related to the Powersave feature on the today plugin that PBT installs as a plugin... :roll:
Need to investigate...
Best regards,
Both my bt headsets have stopped working since installing pocket bluetooth tools latest version, I have reverted back to version 1005 and everything is fine. I have a sony-ericsson EBH-65 and a skypower clip on headset.
my platronics does the same also its annoying you cant even transfer the call back to the device you have to hand up turn off bt and then turn it abck on and headset mode back on it also does the same on my pc
when im on msn using it as a headset it just d/c and i have to turn it off and turn it back on again
dont see what the problem is
btw the range on the xda2 and platronics is amazing i had it on my bedrooms desk and i went outside it passed through the living room wall and the patio window and i was stood 5m down my garden im sure it would of been over 10m and it was still working if i kept still when i moved it went crackly but ah well lol
just hope someone sorts the prob out
I was having the same problem with the M3000. I just had confirmation from Plantronics that this problem is a bug in the product that occurs with the XDA II. I am currently in the process of returning the product.
Same problem M3000 doesn't work. Give up now before too much frustration makes you feel ill.
Try the Hello 2 headset. Work with my Aussie XDA2 and is very small and lightweight. Even had a neck chain to carry it around like a USB drive.

Faulty Bluetooth!!!!!

I have an XDA II with a Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset for the last 7 months.
I've just returned one of these headsets as faulty because I kept losing 85% volume in the ear pierce ocassionally when I received an incomming call. I then bought another one and guess what? same problem, so the fault has to be with the XDA phone itself. The problem is I only seem to get this problem with incoming calls, can't remember getting this problem when making a call. When the volume drops I can just about hear the caller but its extremely faint.
The only other Bluetooth device I use is my TomTom navigation unit and although I have had some problems with both devices working together I'm not getting regular problems, just things like the TomTom can't alway connect to the sat box or my headset doesn't always work when the phone rings.
Anyone else had this problem and more importantly the solution???
I had that problem and I was advised to turn off device, remove battery for 20 secs or so (ensure backup fully charged!!!) and then reinstall battery, reset device (soft) then finally re-install headset ans establish new BT pairing to headset.
fiddly but it did work
good luck
I did that as advised by Logitech but the problem still occurrs on occassions. Is it a problem with headset or XDA?

Bluetooth turns off randomly

I am using my HTC Touch Pro with an Opel Vectra built-in bluetooth carkit.
All functions, like browsing the address book and call registers, are working fine. However, at random times, my carkit reports no phone. When I then check my Touch Pro's bluetooth status, I see that it is has been disabled.
After manually re-enabling it, I can pair with my carkit for as long as it takes for bluetooth to turn itselves off again.
I've already tested with JETware, but that does not change anything. Also tried the universal broadcom bluetooth stack, but doesn't seem to work on the Touch Pro. HTC only comes with a standard answer that they don't support all carkits and headsets... Since the BT stack on the phone seems to crash, I don't think it's a carkit issue.
Anyone here with the same issue? And maybe a solution?
Thanks and regards!!
Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth -> Timeout (tab). Turn off Visible mode set to "Never".
I think this must be your problem.
Hi Freco,
Thanks for your reply! This option is set. However it's not really the visibility that turns to invisible, but the whole bluetooth stack is being turned off completely. Need to fully re-enable it via Comm Manager.
Any other options? Does anyone know if there is a working broadcomm stack for the Touch Pro?
I have exactly the same problem with a Vauxhall kit, I have tried all sorts of things, but nothing seems to work
start -> settings -> connections -> bluetooth
timeout tab
select 'never' from drop down box
Hi Brendo,
Unfortunately this doesn't solve the issue. Once paired, the connection even works without being visible. It's also not a fixed period of time before the disconnect takes place (can be within a minute, sometimes after half an hour). However, the whole bluetooth icons disappears from the top icon bar and comm manager shows it's turned off completely.
Hope somebody has any other ideas, because the only thing HTC can do is point to the carkit vendor :-(. Since all functionality is there when connected and the phone is turning off BT in some way, I really don't think this is caused by the carkit vendor. I should at least expect BT to stay enabled on the phone.
Yes, same here, BTW I have tried this in my Friends Saab, and the same problem.
same problem here with a Opel DVD90 buildin bluetooth carkit.
With other htc phones it always worked like a charm, but my mda vario IV continuously disconnects after a random time period and shuts down the complete stack.
Try this!
I have the same problem with my opel with original bluetooth-kit (2007). On the touch pro I changed the band and network from auto to GSM, as G3 reseption in this area is quit poor, especialy while driving. It helped for me, at least the last few days. I agree this has been an annoying problem.
I have tried to switch to "GSM only mode" in the past, but as far as I remember it does not completely solve the issue. However, I will give it another shot! Actually I can't figure out at what point it occurs... It can happen within a minute or after half an hour without using any funtion.
Does one of you know if there is a way to do some debugging on the Bluetooth stack?
And has anyone experience with other Windows Mobile 6.1 based phones in this combination (just curious if it's a WM issue or HTC only)?
Furthermore I did some tests with JetWare. You should be able to limit the number of synchronised items then (might be related to this issue). However, it looks like this configured limit is being totally ignored: when I limit my recent call list to 5 with JetWare, it still syncs about 25 items. Anyone tested with Jetware?
I have tried the GSM only mode, this didn't help either
I have now given up and got myself a Nokia E66, which works perfectly.
All contacts are pushed to car, no disconnects and AD2P works so my mp3 ringtones play through the car speakers! Sweet
Word of note, I had issues with N-Series phones, would connect ok, but contacts would not push.
I have the samen problem with my HTC Touch Pro and Saab.
bluetooth pairs just fine with my pioneer bluetooth enabled deck, but the problem iwth mine is once i receive a call sometimes no sound comes from the car, instead the earpiece is still on. but if i initiate the call first sound works just fine and earpiece on the phone is disabled, BUT once the call is ended bluetooth disconnects randomly and the phone takes a good 1-2min to reconnect. i absolutely hate the bluetooth on this phone!
ExTREmE99 said:
bluetooth pairs just fine with my pioneer bluetooth enabled deck, but the problem iwth mine is once i receive a call sometimes no sound comes from the car, instead the earpiece is still on. but if i initiate the call first sound works just fine and earpiece on the phone is disabled, BUT once the call is ended bluetooth disconnects randomly and the phone takes a good 1-2min to reconnect. i absolutely hate the bluetooth on this phone!
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I am having the same problems you describe. Anyone got an suggestions???
I encountered the same problem; first with an opel udp carkit and next with the bluetooth interface software from homeseer.
It has something to do with phone signal loss.
With the opel carkit I noticed bluetooth automatically turns off when the phonesignal switched from 3g to gsm.
I also noticed that in my home, BT turns off whenever I have been in a room with no phone-signal reception.
try this thread, both registry change and attached cab file, reset. DOn't worry if the make visible to all option is unchecked.

BT Headset disconnects

Hi all!
Here is my problem (tried with several other headsets as well):
When the headset is connected to the phone and you take it from larger distance than it's disconnects of course. BUT when you take it back it doesn't want to reconnect automatically. It's really annoying thing, because i'm using a stereo headset to listen music, and i can't bring it with me everytime when i have to move from my desk. I've had some other HTC before but never experienced this untill now on Raphael.
Any idea how to force TP to try to reconnect as the other devices do?
eami said:
Hi all!
Here is my problem (tried with several other headsets as well):
When the headset is connected to the phone and you take it from larger distance than it's disconnects of course. BUT when you take it back it doesn't want to reconnect automatically. It's really annoying thing, because i'm using a stereo headset to listen music, and i can't bring it with me everytime when i have to move from my desk. I've had some other HTC before but never experienced this untill now on Raphael.
Any idea how to force TP to try to reconnect as the other devices do?
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is this a new BT headset you're using now? I believe some bt headsets simply don't (re)establish connection by themselves
There is a new Bluetooth stack in the Raphael compared to older HTC devices, so this could be an issue with it. Have you tried pressing your headset's play/pause button when you come back in range?
Trancecoder said:
There is a new Bluetooth stack in the Raphael compared to older HTC devices, so this could be an issue with it. Have you tried pressing your headset's play/pause button when you come back in range?
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Motorola H3 headset: if i press the call button that the connection is reestablish
IQUA BHS-701-S: i have to turn it off than on to make the headset recconnect
btw: i've also noticed, if no device connected on BT, than raphael simple turns off the BT after a while
Mine has never turned BT off on its own. There must be an option for it, perhaps in power saving.