XDA I & XDA II (i-Mate): Compatibility of accessories - MDA II, XDA II, 2060 Accessories

To all those who already bought an i-Mate:
1- does it fit in the leathercase of the XDA I
2- does it fit in the craddle of the XDA I
3- does it fit with the charger of the XDA I
In other words, if I have extra accessories of the present XDA/Qtek 1010, can I use them with the new generation (i-Mate) ?


Using XDA chargers for XDA II Is it safe?

I have just received my XDA II (O2), replacing my original Seimans SX-56 XDA.
My question: Do I need to throw out all my XDA chargeing equipment or is it safe to use my cig adapter and wall plug adapter for the XDA II.
Thanks for any insight.
I am using the xda charger on my xda II and it works fine. The connector pins layout should be the same.

Will XDA accessories work with the XDA 2?

Will XDA accessories such as charge and sync work with the XDA 2?
There have been problems with the xda sync/charger where it discharges the xda2. A gps or serial cable should work fine with both. I have an xda mains charger which works fine with my xda2 but others have found that it wont work for them.

want to buy XDA I x2

looking for used (cheap) XDA I's. I've got some friends envying my XDA II, but are cheap. I need 2 units, and might need more

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode

Check it out
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It comes with aimbot and wallhack? x DDDDD
Just one question, this is a port from ps3/xbox or from iphone?
Bit of information would be good?
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In car charger

Have to admit not up to speed with usb2 or usb 3 type c chargers etc,I'll use the charger from the box and that's it at home,but which in car charger should I be looking to you
Thanks for any help
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