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Has anyone seen a photo of the base connector for the new XDA, it would be kind of nice if it fits my existing car kit ( Not much chance of that)
Can anyone help
Thank you
Paul Jones

Not the photo. I have tried to connect xdaII (dummy) to my car kit! it works just fine.

Thanks for the feedback Andrej, maybe I wont have to junk my carkit at the moment !! :lol:
Paul Jones

I am very sure that the Xda II will use a different carkit to the existing Xda - someone at O2 told me this.
I am in a similar situation - I think I will try to sell my Xda carkit now!

I do nit have a car Kit but I suspect as the XDA II has and SDIO slot and the XDA does not, then whilst they may 'fit' they may not function correctly.

It will not be compatibel!
There will be a new Car Kit for MDA II

Is that going to be the same for other accessories? E,g GPS, keyboard etc?

If the socket is the same then maybe there is a possibility of a rewire to match up the io interface.

Parrot CK-3000 V3.00 Works Well With XDA II
I tested Parrot CK-3000 Works well with XDA II

The XDA II works fine in an XDA Full Carkit with the following exceptions:
The phone does not automatically switch on when you insert it into the cradle (the XDA did).
The phone is a slightly tighter fit in the cradle (its thicker) but still fits fine. The top clip of the cradle does not come all the way down but rests on the top of the XDAII, which is also fine.
I use it daily and have no problems.
As a point, all my XDA peripherals work with my XDA II including my Foldable Keyboard.

I can second this.......just received my MDA II and everything works fine with the carkit: Handsfree phone, GPS, Power.......
It is a bit tight, but I heated up the bottom of the carkit with a blower till it became soft and then put in the MDA II and let it cool down. Now it is quite workable without having to buy a new carkit........

xda II car kit has plugin for gps devices, so is slightly different. Got this from the blurb on www.o2.co.uk/xda
To use your device in the car - or truck - you need to install a fully wired and properly mounted carkit, as mandated by recent UK Legislation.
These units are not provided with aerial kits - these are separately provided by the carkit installer and are appropriate to your vehicle.
These carkit's are especially designed to fit Xda and Xda II respectively, and is built to integrate with most modern car connectors. In addition, the Xda II carkit supports direct connection of a GPS unit - such as that provide by TomTom Navigator - allowing you to use Xda as a navigation system.
Xda Carkit - AHTXDAKN - £176.50

We have not seen ANY existing XDA II carkits yet, so we cannot judge to soon.
At the moment all the photo's referring to the carkit from the providers are the XDA I carkit.
This carkit always had the GPS external connection, I have been using it for almost a year now with TomTom and a Holux GM 210 mouse. I have cut the XDA connector and connected the appropriate wires to the GPS mouse......works like a charm, also with the New MDA II.
Look at my review I wrote almost a year ago (It's in Dutch, but you can throw a webtranslator over it if you want to):

Re: Parrot CK-3000 V3.00 Works Well With XDA II
ronlkh said:
I tested Parrot CK-3000 Works well with XDA II
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I am thinking about buying a CK3000 but was worried that there may be a Bluetooth compatibility issue (like there is with some Bluetooth GPS systems at the moment Tom Tom + Navman apparently). Is your CK3000 working fully with the XDA 11 via Bluetooth as a Handsfree System i.e. sound through your car speakers, mute the stereo when a call comes in etc? Do you know of a supplier who will also install/configure it?
What else would I need besides the CK3000 - A XDA 11 Passive Holder and a Cigar lighter Charger?
Any help advice you can give me is very much appreciated.
Steve Grunnill

The parrot CK3000 has a Handsfree and a headset profile.
The XDA/MDA 2 only has a headset profile.
So as long as the carkit has a headsetprofile also, it will work...

Why not use the XDA II with the speaker phone enabled ??

Have you tried it ?
it's hard to quickly enable, and it's not loud enough...

Car charger seems ok...
I immediately tried my xda car charger in my xda II and it fits and seems to work in that the orange charging light comes on.
But could I be doing some damage that I am unaware of? (Incidentally some people refer to a cradle: my car charger is not a cradle...)

No the pinlayout of the XDA and MDA/XDA 2 are the same...

Has anyone found a car cradle for the XDA II (hardwired not BT). I have searched several sites an I cannot find anything. Surely there must be enough users for a company to warrant the development


XDA2 and BMW bluetooth

Has any one tried pairing and XDA2 (etc) to the BMW bluetooth kit. I'm hoping it will work for basic functionality because the BMW kit uses the headset profile on my Nokia. (rather than the handsfree profile)
Any one tried it?????
916senna, I tried to get my XDA2 to work with the factory fitted BT in my BMW. The devices pair (Bond) but thats as far as it worked. when I turn on the ignition the phone isn't recognized.
My T68i works fine Will play around with it again soon when I have some spair time, but I think that it's due to a poor implementation of BT.
Hopefully a future Rom upgrade will do sort it out.
I would bet that the BMW uses the Handsfree-profile, that isn't suported by the XDA II
XDA II and BMW bluetooth
I've had the same issue. BMW GB don't want to know and say it's the XDA II. I have just emailed O2 for their response.

Tom Tom Navigator 2 Bluetooth

I have now purchased the above GPS system and with the Tom Tom Nav2 BT/XDA II fix (dowloadable off the TT website) have it working absolutely fine....wow at last!!
Question, before I blow something. If anyone has the TT Navigator 2 Wireless kit (and possibly the wired too), it comes with a Cigar lighter charger that powers the GPS unit and this device/lead has an "extension power connector" piggy backed on it so it can connect to a PDA also. It comes with a connector for the Ipaq, not suitable for the XDA II. However, with the XDA II supplied acessories comes a small plug in connector for connecting to the XDA II AC power lead, so that you can charge the XDA II outside of its USB cradle, and this connector fits the piggy back type connection. I am obviously wanting to use this in lieu of the supplied Ipaq connector to enable charging of the GPS and my XDA II simultaneously. Anyone know if this is OK? Logically, it seems to be the answer to charging both devices from one Cigar lighter? Don't want to blow anything. Comments welcomed, thank you. Steve
i use the xda adapter with the cigar lighter charger and it works fine
Hi Steve,
I use XDA II connector with the cigar lighter, no problem.
Hi Steve
The same here , I have used it for 2 weeks no problems.

Copilot Live PocketPC 4 (GPS bluetooth)

Does anybody used or tried this device on XDA2/MDA2? How's compatibility with the device to XDA2/MDA2 compared to Tom Tom? The features look promising! check it out on their website: www.alk.com
I use CoPilot Live 4 on my XDA II. I use to run it on my XDA with a hardwired (permanent and hidden) GPS receiver. I now use it with my XDA II and the Socket Bluetooth GPS receiver. It works great. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Also, the Socket GPS receiver has an external antenna connection so I hacked into my Chevy Tahoe's OnStar GPS antenna and it works great and is always on and out of sight, but I can easily open up the console and take it with me, fully charged.
Highly recommended.
superperry said:
Does anybody used or tried this device on XDA2/MDA2? How's compatibility with the device to XDA2/MDA2 compared to Tom Tom? The features look promising! check it out on their website: www.alk.com
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I use the European database version with BT GPS (Socket) and after installing Towa's BT fix, it works like a charm. Highly recommended.
I even tried it on the motorbike with BT GPS receiver in my jacket pocket and XDA II with headphones. It works, but there was alot of wind noise. I am seriously considering buying one of those Sony active noise reducing headphones to use on the bike.

XDA, Parrot3 and TomTom3

Hi all
I am new to this forum but I could really do with your wisdom.
I have an XDA 2 that I use for business use.
However I need a system for GPS and a hands free driving kit. I suspect that a bluetooth system is the way forward.
However reading these pages I believe that there have been several issues that have caused a great deal of consternation with the TomTom system.
O2 have really messed me around over the last year with their hands free kit. They have been unable to supply anything and with the new vehicle legislation they have been totally unprepared.
The system that I thought about using would be...
Tomtom 3
Parrot CK3000
Has anybody tried it and if so is there anything else that I would need, ie cables, brackets, chargers etc.
I am using
xda2 with TOMTOM3 Bluetooth.
For Handsfree I use a Jabra Bt250 and it work fine.
Maybe you need to bluetooth Tools
I use a Parrot CK3000 carkit together with my Bleutooth TomTom GPS. It works all very good. The only thing is that the sound of your XDA is not comming via the carkit, but in the future that will be possible (with an upgrade of my XDA).
But for now it works very well.
I have a CK3000 and it works OK on its own. I have had some issues with integrating it with the Car Audio though (new Nissan Primera), but that is another matter.
The other thing I would point out... It is a real pain if you also have a Blue Tooth headset. You need to keep renaming from the Headset to the Carkit and vice versa.
The new version of BT Tools does sort out the multiple headset problem, however..... my CK3000 will not work with the new version, so I am using the older version till this is fixed.
My suggestion may be a fixed mount in the car of some sort, especially if charging the unit is required. That is the way I am thinking of going unless BTTools or the ROM is updated soon.
Thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated.
From what you have said everything should work fine.
With regard to the headset, I am determined to rid myself of this as I suffer from headaches if I wear it too much.
Surely once the Parrot is paired then can it not be set as the default vox unit?
Thanks for that. Its a great relief, however when you say that the sound is not coming from the car speakers is that for the TomTom system? Surely that is a good thing as I don't want my Mozart, Mendelson or Motorhead to be interupted with..."At the junction turn left!"
I am planning to use my Nissan Navara as my main vehicle for the Parrot kit, is the problem you are experiencing a Nissan thing?
Thank you from the moon of Titan...I will look for Blue Tools.
Does anyone know if a charger and bracket comes with either of these systems.
With the TomTom Navigator comes a brodit cradle, which will charge your XDA.
The Otter's Pocket said:
I am planning to use my Nissan Navara as my main vehicle for the Parrot kit, is the problem you are experiencing a Nissan thing?
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It is in the Primera because of the new Central (N-Form) console. The ISO connectors supplied on Parrot do not fit the Radio, which is built into the console, and there is no conversion kit on the market at the moment.
I was luck and had a Nokia Phone kit installed and intrgrated into the car when I bought it, so I have done a bit of extra wiring to this kit which has made it acceptable.
Check you can get an ISO Harness for your car model/radio.
EelcoV said:
With the TomTom Navigator comes a brodit cradle, which will charge your XDA.
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That's Incorrect, you can buy Tomtom Navigator as a bundle with the TomTom Carkit, this is not the same as a Broditcradle.
I'm currently using a Carcomm XDAII cradle and it's superb. Available in the UK from TotalPDA.
Bluetooth handsfree/GPS
Hi all
Another newbie! I am contemplating buying TomTom3 Bluetooth for use with my xda2 (I want to be able to move it between my family's 2 vehicles). Any thoughts (I am not particularly concerned about the TomTom 3 Bluetooth GPS receiver's limited battery life as I would anticipate using it with a dual pda/gps charger cable)
I believe that there may also be an issue with using Bluetooth GPS and my Jabra BT250 headset together? I see Bluetooth Tools mentioned on here as a potential solution to this - is this a download package? Where can I obtain it?
Any help much appreciated. 8)
I'm using an O2 XDA2 with the standard bluetooth software (ie not using bluetooth tools or anyone elses bluetooth stack).
I use TomTom Navigator 3 with their own bluetooth GPS receiver and I also use a bluetooth telephone headset unit as well.
Both work fine - even at the same time.
I've used both a Plantronics M3000 headset and also a Parrot CK3000 in-car handsfree headset.
Either work fine either on their own or in parallel with the TomTom BT GPS.
The only problemmatical area is that the PDA can only pair with one bluetooth "headset" at a time - so if you want to use both a BT car kit and also a separate BT headset, you need to keep deleting one pairing and pairing to the other.
I gave up and lent my Plantronics headset to someone else - and now I just use the Parrot CK3000 car kit.
Oneday, the XDA2 might support the handsfree profile as well as the headset profile, but for the time being we're stuck with just the latter.
I tried installing bluetooth-tools to see if that would give me a hands-free profile but couldn't seem to get anything to work so I de-installed it quick...!

XDA2 Car Kit - Help with ID + Comments?

Hi all.
Found this via kelkoo.
Thought it might have been somebody OEM'ing the original o2 accesory but when I look on the o2 site there is no integrated cradle car kit listed!
I'm looking for a kit that will:-
Mute the standard stereo for calls
Allow audio from the XDA2 so I can use it as a car stereo
Charge the XDA2
Allow connection to a Tom-Tom nav unit.
This item would appear to do the business. However I suspect it may be a kit avialable somewhere else and have been discussed here already.
Any hints/comments appreciated.
Thanks All.
i have seen a gps ready car kit with those functions on o2s site
There's this stuff below listed for XDA2 which one do you mean.
Looks like bluetooth + GPS stuff and the like to me. My focus is on audio from wired connectivity but with an option for GPS. Bluetooth isn't a factor for me. Did you mean one of the below? If you mean somewhere else can you supply a URL? Thanks. Vent mount is no good either.
Safe2Talk Xda II car kit - AORXD2KN
You can fit it in seconds with power from your cigar lighter socket - and it's only £44.99.
Bluetooth Safe2Talk Xda II car kit - AORSBLKN
Simple to fit and no trailing wires.
Integrated Bluetooth car kit compatible with the Xda IIs - using the Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Kit. Features a compact design with a high quality external microphone with speaker volume control. Professional installation needed.
Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Kit ASEZ60KN
A complete in-car navigation package using your Xda II and one of Europe's leading satellite navigation systems, TomTom Navigator 3TM. You'll get everything you need to get started straightaway; TomTom software to load on to your Xda II, a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver plus a connection cable and vent-mounted car cradle for your Xda II. We have pre-loaded the mainland Great Britain maps on a memory card for you, which slots in to the top of your Xda II. And there's no monthly subscription for this service, just buy the system follow the simple set-up instructions and you're away.
There are two for you to choose from:
Bluetooth TomTom Navigator 3 - AORBTT3N
The GPS receiver uses the latest Bluetooth technology and does not need wires to connect to the Xda II, so you can choose where you want to install the receiver in your car.
Also comes with an AC adapter so you can recharge the GPS receiver outside your car.
Wired TomTom Navigator 3 - AORWTT3N
The GPS receiver is connected to the Xda II with the cable supplied.
Keep your Xda II charged whilst you are out and about with the in car charger. - AHTXDALN