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Can anyone tell me how TOMTOM navigator works on a XDa with 32 mb? :?:

yes you need a gps receiver i got one off ebay for £86 and its totally amazing

It works very well.
As gb155 posted, you need to get a gps satellite receiver. I have a Haicom which was about £80 all in. This comes with a cigarette lighter socket charger & the receiver, together with an XDA connector. The XDA is charged whilst connected and no additional power leads required for receiver.
Install software, connect it all up & away you g
Recommend also a car specific holder from www.brodit.com
Regards the memory, you'll only be able to load 16mb map segments - no good for a long journey. I'd recommend getting a 128mb MMC card (doesn't need to be SD) for about £25. Maps loaded are 90mb so gives you some useful spare capacity for SD backups etc
I'm looking forward to XDA 2 'cos then I can use my EMTAC BT GPS & not have to worry about wires or being in a car

Thank you coollllll


bluetooth or wired GPS?

I am still unsure if I should get a bluetooth GPS or a wired one.
The wired ones are about half the price of the bluetooth at the moment.
I wonder how the USB GPS are powered? Do they need a seperate battery or do they get their power from the XDA over USB?
Can I put my XDA in the cig-lighter for power and the GPS in the XDA without needing any additional batteries?
Thanks for help!
You cant use a usb gps with your xda, you will need a serial gps, I have been involved with gps navigation for pda's for some time now. I cannot see that a bluetooth gps has any advantage over a wired system if it is for use only in the car, the xda needs to be powered for anything other than short journeys so it is still wired even if you use bluetooth. I am about to sell my xda2 as bluetooth was the main reason for getting it however I think my xda1 with 64 meg ram and 256 sd card does all I want it to, I will be using a dirt cheap digitraveler gps which I can also use with any other computer with a serial port, if no serial exists on the laptop I can use a usb to serial adaptor. Having said all that, if the person uses the gps away from the car then bluetooth is a bonus as the gps is self powered, but so is the digitraveler, though larger and heavier it runs on 3 x aaa batteries and could be used away from the vehicle. Its different strokes for different folks so buy what suits your needs. By the way the Fortuna GPSmart and the Holux gr-230 can be used as a wired gps using a cheap optional cable/charger, or as a wireless bluetooth gps, both run at a fast 38400 and are very good at the task of locking to gps.
I have an XDAII. Do I need a serial or USB GPS for it?
So, with that wired GPS, is the setup stated above possible? Like no batteries in the GPS, connected to the XDAII being charged by the cig-lighter itself?
If not, I would have to charge two devices at the same time during long travels....
You could buy a cheap haicom gps, with all the serial gps kits you get a lead with a lighter plug connected, the same lead powers the gps and the xda/pda. Have a look here and use the drop down box on the haicom ad, choose xda, very cheap, very effective and powers both xda and gps. This is for use in car only. For less than £50. Also you can obtain various leads for it that will allow you to use it with another pda/laptop/pc etc.
Will it power and work on the XDA II.
Yes, make sure beams in unchecked under settings/connections, in tomtom choose tomtom gps then choose com1.

GPS - which is best value for money?

Those who recognise my name will know I recently got a fantastic Brodit holder and charger for my XDA2, but now I'm looking for GPS stuff too.
Does anyone have any suggestions on which is the best (and more importantly value for money) GPS receiver, and also what is the best software? Not that I would encourage such things, but are the "evaluation" versions you can "acquire" off the net any good, do they show you how it works before you then go and buy the real software?
I'm interested in the smaller gps units as I do not like the look of bulky ones.
I use the Fortuna Clipon Bluetooth. it is portable and has an 8 hour battery life. The software i use is TomTom 3.
There are plenty of reviews at www.pocketgps.co.uk .
The Pilgrim
I would definitely recommend any Bluetooth GPS receiver.
- Own power supply (rechargeable battery)
- Less wires inside car (no "Y-cable", but if you want it permanently powered you still need it wired to +12V)
- Can be used outside of car (bevause of battery)
- When constantly powered keeps its fix (this is the best plus for me)
- Price
On eBay you might get lucky in buying a cheap one. I bought my DCONNEX DC230, rebadged Holux GR-230, for about 100euro incl shipping there.
I used Belkin BT GPS...
edsub said:
I would definitely recommend any Bluetooth GPS receiver.
- Own power supply (rechargeable battery)
- Less wires inside car (no "Y-cable", but if you want it permanently powered you still need it wired to +12V)
- Can be used outside of car (bevause of battery)
- When constantly powered keeps its fix (this is the best plus for me)
- Price
On eBay you might get lucky in buying a cheap one. I bought my DCONNEX DC230, rebadged Holux GR-230, for about 100euro incl shipping there.
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I agree with "edsub", bluetooth GPS gives you more freedom to move it around. Here in the United States I bought Belkin BT GPS (its a Fortuna Clip-on rebadge) the navigation software is included ((iNav/iGuidance) Version 1.0 US and Canada) very cheap too $170 including shipping. Usually cost $399.99 but when you using coupon 82242, you will get only $140+S/H=$170.00 here in the US. Buy directly from Belkin website (brand new).
For US resident this is a good opportunity to buy BT GPS. I am not sure if Belkin deliver overseas.
If the gps is for car use only I would suggest a cheap wired version such as Haicom hi-203e. Even if you have charged your bluetooth gps in the house you have to remember to take it to the car, if you get it to the car you have to be confident that the battery will last for the duration of the journey, your xda will need to be on charge all the time in the car so I dont see the problem with having a y cable that works off one cigarette socket. The only drawback I can see is when the car has a windscreen that will not allow gps signal through, the length of lead on wired gps wont allow you to place gps in rear window. I have used and tested dozens of different gps/pda combos and that is my 2 pennies worth of advice.
TomTom 3 and a BT Receiver. Couple that with our Safety Camera database and Digitools superb UKPostCode Plug-In and you have a system way better than any other.
And as you have an XDAII you can subscribe to the Traffic Service and have live updates overlayed on your map via GPRS
I hafta agree with Griffog. i have everything he says and i would (excuse the pun) be lost without all that :wink:
I have the Leadtek 9537 BT Receiver and regularly travel round with between 7 - 9 sats.
I use a TOMTOM BT GPS purchased from ebay £70 and it is fantastic. Absolutely no probs whotsoever. No spaghetti junction on the dashboard and alot can be said for that.
cruisin-thru said:
If the gps is for car use only I would suggest a cheap wired version such as Haicom hi-203e.
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I have a wired GPS antenna and have never tried a BT one, for I have and XDA1 only, but agree with the principle that since you will probably want your XDA powered, a wired solution is fully acceptable.
The model Haicom 203 has been replaced with Haicom 204.
BIG plus for the BT option is to always have a fix, independent whether the MDAII is connected or not. I heard of cases where it can take up to one minute before a GPS mouse has found a new fix.
I solved the battery issue by hooking the BT GPS to a permanent power lead that is put behind the roof-fabric of the car (GPS is located in a bllack box next to the mirror because that is the nly place where there is no heat-resistant layer on the windscreen).
edsub said:
BIG plus for the BT option is to always have a fix, independent whether the MDAII is connected or not. I heard of cases where it can take up to one minute before a GPS mouse has found a new fix.
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This is correct.
It will matter in the case of a car which will cut power to the cigar plug when the key is off.
It's not the case any more in most of recent cars. It was the case for my previous car where locallisation would take from 20 seconds (normally) to 3-4 minutes in the worth cases (unsure what the reason why but it did some days)!
I have wired the power cable that came with the TOMTOM gps to a USB connector. I then plug this in to my cigarette lighter which has a female connector on it. I also use this to plug my XDA charging cable into should I need it
I got the information I needed to solder all the connections etc from the web! a great little experiment that I helped to teach my son the art of soldering, a couple of sore little blisters later all works perfect.
Bluetooth's certainly good. But if you're a complete cheapskate, I guess the cheapest option is the RadioShack Digitraveler. It's out of production now, but on eBay you can get it for $40 thereabouts if you watch. Comes with its own software, but Mapopolis is so much better that I would advocate getting it. Cheapest software I think is MS ActiveStreets or MapPoint or something. But it too doesn't match up to Mapopolis. My GPS setup is a total of $50.
hi guys
i have been looking for a gps system for ages and i have currently got a global sat sd501. i am running this in partnership with mapopolis and i find its great not too sure on the navigation side yet. but it is really accutate and i think its great with the xda2 you can find a review at the site below
regards kevin beecher
Whilst the GlobaSat SD GPS is superb and very sensitive the big issue with all SD GPS is where do you store the maps?
If you only have the SD slot then you have no other option and if you have a PDa with both CF and SD, why pay the premium for an SD GPS when you can use a CF?
I'm very satisfied with the BT Rikaline 6030 (it is technically the same as the Leadtek 9537, I believe) together with Alturion Pro 5.3 navigation software. The main reason for choosing Bluetooth is that I want to be able to walk around with it, using GPS-supported map-software. With a (replacable) battery with a battery life that lasts for 10-12 hours, the Rikaline suits me fine.
One thing, though. If you regularly are confronted with traffic jams or other traffic nuisances, it might be worth considering to use a GPS device in combination with TMC/RDS and of course the appropriate navigation software (Alturion Pro supports this, I don't know about TomTom). Right now I use the TMC information (via GPRS) that is supplied by Alturion's TMC-server. But that is only limited to the Netherlands & Belgium.
With the combination GPS and TMC/RDS it is possible to avoid traffic jams in all areas where radio stations broadcast traffic info. Up to a few months ago there were only wired and no BT receivers that offered the combination GPS+TMC/RDS, but recently I saw an offer for navigation software (don't recall the name but is was not TomTom or Alturion) including a Bluetooth GPS as well as TMC/RDS receiver.
TomTom also offer a TMC service via GPRS. The BT GPS with TMC you saw was part of the Navigon bundle which we are testing currently.
Dont know if its the same Bt GPS, but Engin (www.engin.nl, Navigation solution by ANWB, the dutch AA) also offers a BT GPS/TMC receiver now. They even claim its modular (so you can buy with or without the TMC module).
Yes that's the same one and the screen shots are identical to Navigon, perhaps this is a rebadged version?

XDA2 Car Kit - Help with ID + Comments?

Hi all.
Found this via kelkoo.
Thought it might have been somebody OEM'ing the original o2 accesory but when I look on the o2 site there is no integrated cradle car kit listed!
I'm looking for a kit that will:-
Mute the standard stereo for calls
Allow audio from the XDA2 so I can use it as a car stereo
Charge the XDA2
Allow connection to a Tom-Tom nav unit.
This item would appear to do the business. However I suspect it may be a kit avialable somewhere else and have been discussed here already.
Any hints/comments appreciated.
Thanks All.
i have seen a gps ready car kit with those functions on o2s site
There's this stuff below listed for XDA2 which one do you mean.
Looks like bluetooth + GPS stuff and the like to me. My focus is on audio from wired connectivity but with an option for GPS. Bluetooth isn't a factor for me. Did you mean one of the below? If you mean somewhere else can you supply a URL? Thanks. Vent mount is no good either.
Safe2Talk Xda II car kit - AORXD2KN
You can fit it in seconds with power from your cigar lighter socket - and it's only £44.99.
Bluetooth Safe2Talk Xda II car kit - AORSBLKN
Simple to fit and no trailing wires.
Integrated Bluetooth car kit compatible with the Xda IIs - using the Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Kit. Features a compact design with a high quality external microphone with speaker volume control. Professional installation needed.
Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Kit ASEZ60KN
A complete in-car navigation package using your Xda II and one of Europe's leading satellite navigation systems, TomTom Navigator 3TM. You'll get everything you need to get started straightaway; TomTom software to load on to your Xda II, a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver plus a connection cable and vent-mounted car cradle for your Xda II. We have pre-loaded the mainland Great Britain maps on a memory card for you, which slots in to the top of your Xda II. And there's no monthly subscription for this service, just buy the system follow the simple set-up instructions and you're away.
There are two for you to choose from:
Bluetooth TomTom Navigator 3 - AORBTT3N
The GPS receiver uses the latest Bluetooth technology and does not need wires to connect to the Xda II, so you can choose where you want to install the receiver in your car.
Also comes with an AC adapter so you can recharge the GPS receiver outside your car.
Wired TomTom Navigator 3 - AORWTT3N
The GPS receiver is connected to the Xda II with the cable supplied.
Keep your Xda II charged whilst you are out and about with the in car charger. - AHTXDALN

Can I add sat-nav to my XDA1 ??

I have a 3 yearlod XDA1 in perfect working order, and have been thinking about using it again.
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add sat-nav to it, and if so what I need to do it
Yes you can add sat nav - a friend of mine has and it works perfectly.
You need a gps reciever, in car charger and a memory card large enough to hold the map data.
Can't remember if the xda1 has bluetooth, if it does you could get a bluetooth gps unit but i prefer a wired unit because you don't have to remember to recharge it.
Also obviously you need the satnav software.
Thanks very much for your help
Ill sort it
xda1 doesn't have bluetooth so you'll have to get a cable to connect the gps receiver to the ppc. oh, you'll probably have to find a cable to connect both the receiving and the power source...having gps drains the hell out of you battery.

Gps receivers and cradles

Hi was looking on ebay for a gps craddle and receiver. Is any make better than the next, or is there a better place to spend my money?
I am after a receiver to run Tom Tom5 I don't mind if I need to permently wire it into my car. With the cradle just want it to charge my phone and have a speaker output for tom tom/handsfree would be nice.
Too many to choose from.
Do you mean an integrated cradle/gps receiver? Personally I would only ever buy a bluetooth receiver as it means it will be compatible with more that one device, and means I can get any PDA I like that GPS software will work on.
If you just want a bt receiver, and a suitable cradle, then look at the Arkon mounts. They make everything from cheap vent clip units, ro tripple mount window hanging units, to permanent screw fixed units, both with, and without powered speakers.
I find the speakers on my Wizard, and Universal, and my previous Magician & Alpine loud enough that I didn't really need the added powered speaker with the additional cabling going everywhere.
it depend on what device you are using for somthing like the universal tytyn oe kjam then you wont be able to use a a gps cradle you ca only use a bluetooth gps for these devices.
have a look at the holux cr100 the connector at the bottom of th cradle can be changed to suit a number of pocketpc's
i would also search brodit. they do wired cradles. Still think a separate cps reciever is the better way to go with a cradle for the pda.