QTEK/XDA service manual needed - General Questions and Answers

Hi all,
Will you please send me dissasembly instructions on QTEK and XDA. I just want to know the corresponding P/N's of every parts/components inside.I have a dead qtek with me probably board problem.
Thank you in advance.
MOD EDIT: Manual available here: http://www.mikechannon.net/
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Sorry to hear about your Qtek. I don't know if these guys can help you, but give it a shot.

Damn, looking at the lack of replies, it looks like you didn't get a lot of help.


HP ipaq 6715 prototype - firmware availble?

i know this forum isn't about that kind of devices, but maybe somebody can help me anyway.
i bought that ipaq 6715b(probably a prototype) today and found out that this device isnt't a commercial version with support etc.
the thing is that it hangs on startup, so i can't use it all.
i would like to know if somebody can suggest me to write another firmware to it to make it working again. i tried to flash the 6515/6510 FW, but of course the update isn't accepted because of the wrong Modell-ID.
does somebody might have another idea what to do with it, or should i just put in the trash can?
i've attached some pictures in case somebody is interested in it...
Ipaq 6715 help.
You might try posting on this forum instead, there are some pretty good people there also just like on here, they might be able to help you.
thanks for info, i did't knew about this forum since i am pretty new to that stuff.

What is the best I-Phone software for me?

Hello All,
I have been using the origianl I phone software (the first one availbale on this site) with i-contact and s2ul for yonks now, and I know there will have been updates on here, but I have been away and want to know what is the best i - phone type software for my PDA. I have had a look around and cant find it. I know it is there, can anyone post a link please.
I have a Hermes.
Thanks in advance of any help and advice given.

KS20 today screen

I got this LG KS20 and i want to change the today screen to something nicer.. with weather and stuff. i have been looking around this forum and reading for a while but i just cant seem to get it right.. i would highly appreciate if someone could tell me a bit step by step what i need to download and install etc..
thank you, and sorry for the poor spelling
Ok no answer, is there anyone who can tell me what steps I need to take and I will search the forum myself for how to do it?

Nokia similiar XDA Developers forum

Hey guys!
I'm wondering if anyone knows a good website for Nokia which is similiar like XDA-Developers? I'm trying to hack Nokia E72, and I'm having a very hard time to fix this (Symbian Sucks!).
Anyway, if someone could please help me out, and if there is step by step tutorial how to hack firmware etc... it would be very much appreciated!
I hope someone here could please help me out!
Thank you for help!
You can take a look at: www.dailymobile.se
Their forum contains lot of Nokia hacks.
I don't know if they have anything done for the E72 yet,
but a big community is continiously working on new cool
custom firmwares and tools.
This is really greatly appreciated! If anyone else could provide me more help, it would be great!
Thank you very much!
google is your best friend, easy simple quick fast.

[Q] Adding a language?!

Hello everyone,
Need help regards adding a language to my Mozart, Turkish exactly...
Does anyone have an idea whether there is a possibility, or is there an app like the Morelocale 2 for Android available?!
I apologise to the Moderators for posting the question in two places but I just didn't know exatly where the best place is to post my question.
Thanks in Advance
No response
Has noone an idea about my request people?!
It is very important, please take your time to give me an answer to my issue guys!!!
Thnx all
Anyone help who has a clue here?!
I would really appreciate an answer from someone who is aware of any possible solution to my request!
You are getting Turkish keyboard input with the Mango update.
Read here: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_...ound-the-world-language-support-in-mango.aspx