ActiveX for manage Serial Port - General Questions and Answers

Hi all,
Anybody knows where can i find a ActiveX for manage virtual serial ports.
Thanks in advance.
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Hello all.
I have to develop a web service client (WAP) for the spanish version of the XDA II (the TSM500), and I can't test it with a real device yet. So, does anybody knows if there's any emulation software for this?
Thanks a lot.
you are not the only one it seems

Pharos iGPS-SD for the SDIO and the XDA II: does it work?

Did anybody try and succeeded to operate the Pharos iGPS-SD, tyats the SDIO GPS, on the XDA II, regardless of rom version?
DID anybody try and failed?
Please people, let me have input on this, as I did buy the unit but was not able to make it work on my XDA II.
Any constructive help will be greatly appreciated.
Works for me on my i-mate with the 1.52 ROM.
Thanks!! now I have a lead, but, I still need your help.
Can you be more specific:
1. which drivres did you use? the ons supllied with the unit?
2. Do you use a bundle that came with the SDIO unit for maps?
3. Can you be more specific about Rom details? is it identical to any XDA II rom we know about?
Thanks again
Can you also please tell me which com port (serial port) is used by the SDIO unit?
None of the GPS programs I used was not able to identify it in any com.
I bought the package that came with the Golf software, as I already owned Ostia from another pharos product. I used the enclosed iGPS-SD driver disk, and then used Pharos Ostia from the previous product. It mapped itself to COM4, which became an issue with the I-Mate ROM 1.6x series, as it wanted to use COM4 for bluetooth, so I kept it at 1.52.
After installing the drivers, you should be able to select COM4 manually from Ostia. I found autodetection to not work properly.
This is great help... Now I feel I am going somewhere...
Can I use the 1.52 rom on my XDAII? and if I can, where can I get it?
Thanks again
ps - this means the driver assigns the SDIO to be com 4 ? and it must be free... ?

Bluetooth stack - SPP?

I was wondering if anyone had done some research on the bluetooth stack in Windows Phone 7?
More specifically I'm looking for the possibility to connect to devices using the a Bluetooth Serial Port (SPP). Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance!
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Bump again, sorry.
Any news?
I have some news for you. Recently found hidden section in Dell Venue Pro utility, there is some bluetooth code inside, but didn't yet tested that

[Q] how to connect Android project to database remotely?

Im currently making an android app that would connect to a database from my other computer... I have searched related topic but I still don't get it...
Can anyone please help me on how to connect my program to my database remotely?
What is the best database to be used for this program? I am currently using phpmyadmin.. on xampp
Hoping for someones answer..
Thank you and have a good day..

[Completed] [Q] Need help with Converting a standard PC to Android and .....

I would like some help on how to turn a regular PC that contains a XP Pro into and ANDROID and connect to a Touch SCREEN monitor that is connected via regular serial port.
I have done a bit research, it seems like its possible to install an Android into a regular pc, but How do I get the drivers to work with the Touch SCREEN?
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. I am just trying to reuse some old components for a project I am doing.
The monitor is NEC model LCD1560V Serial 49607632YA.
ANY HELP OR DIRECTION is very much appreciated.
Hi, thank you for using XDA Assist. I found this which looks like just what you're looking fro,
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