Convert Attachments without using Active Sync - General Questions and Answers

I synch my e-mails with a Extend Connect Client without using active synch. When I get an email with *.ppt attachment the file is not converted and could not be opened by iPresenter. To open a *.ppt file should be possible with QuickView Plus someone told me, but not shure.
I didn´t find informations about QuickView Plus for PPC devices (XDA) at the net.
Who has experience with QuickView Plus and informations from where i can get it. Are there any other solutions available?
Would be helpfull 8)

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WM 6.1 Threded sms only by one number

I have installed wm6.1 on my Wizard. Even though this is a general question but i don't know where to post this so i m putting it up over here.
The threaded sms view only aggregates your conversation with one number of the contact. i.e. if i have a number saved in my mobile like
Contact 1
Mob: xxxxxxx
Car: xxxxxx
as the standard format can't cater 2 mobile numbers so i am using the car field for the 2nd number. but it shows 2 conversations (a conversation per number).
is there any way to aggregate it per contact instead of per number?

HTC Touch Pro - Problems with SMS and Contactbook

Hello folks.
I got my brand new Touch Pro today and have (I hope) a small problem.
I synchronized Outlook 2007 contact book with my HTC Touch Pro and sent kind of a group message to my friends, but when they reply back, only a number is being shown, so even If they are stored in my contact book (their number is stored as a mobile number) their name is not appearing and when i click on their name a message pops up that this number is not stored in the contact book (even if it is).
Is this a bug or just a matter of some settings ?
Thanks a lot for your help
How did you send the sms? And what format does the phone number when you received it? It might explain what happened.
The solution was
"Use a registry editor and go to HKCU\Control Panel\Phone\CalIidMatch value is by default 8, i.e 8 Digits. Change that to 7 and soft reset."
More info:

[bbm] international group & bypass trick

BBM- blackberry messenger
Bbm app-
Mirror -
Guys since bbm is out for android, we can noe make a group if xda on it.. Write down the pins over here and i will add you up.
For all those who are in line, invitation email id are as follows. Try using them
1) [email protected]
2) [email protected]
3) [email protected]
try random email works...just use any common name and [email protected] not be succesful at first try...but will surely work in four five trys... (THANKS TO harshad from our xda group)
. You will be through within seconds. And if you have more email ids plz write it down here. It will help a lot of people
Pm if you want to be added to the international group.
Check out the og thread

[HERE] Whatsapp Call Official Activation

The latest WhatsApp feature is generating a lot of duplicate threads on XDA, drowning other threads in the process. Many are also posted in the wrong section. We're closing down all invite threads to keep the clutter down to a minimum. Instead, please use The Consolidated WhatsApp Calling Thread as a consolidated thread for all discussions related to the WhatsApp calling feature and invites. Thank you!​
I have activated Whatsapp call feature now the server has opened
This is the official method
Don't use root method or any other whatsapp mod app
Download original whatsapp from whatsapp Inc
Message Me on whatsapp i will call you for activation ....!!!!
Note: please install latest version before messaging me
Version : 2.11.**( they updating every 12 hr a new version)
My number: ( too many messages so sorry guys)
Also Contact My Friend's :
+91 81448***** (removed due to more messages)
+966 55 789 9800
+91 81212 27231
You can also contact me on Facebook
By giving one thank you will not lose anything..... :thumbup:
Update :: Sat, Mar 7, 4.30 Am
$$$$$$ No outgoing $$$$$
The invitation server is closed you can attend only the incoming calls
Message me on whatsapp
& one request pls don't post your personal number anywhere...
@alKavinraj whats ur countrycode
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he is from India so.. it's +91? it's correct?
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@ thahim, his country code is +91 ... I'm assuming based on his location (Tamilnadu) & country flag (India).
I've used method number 2 on Android 4.4.4 and have the new interface activated permanently, I can now select 14 of my contacts (not all of them as I have more) to start a call. However, when I start a call, I can see the call screen for a second and then it cancels automatically. Is this normal? Do I still need to be called by someone else or need an invite? Do I have to wait for the call servers to run again and if so and if I then make a call, will it stay permanently?
Please call me at +34. Thank You.
Try copying the Tel. and does not work to activate the group of WhatsApp.
Please calle +52 1
Please call +595 981818184 thanks
Guys don't post your phone number publicly
PM OP or wait him to add the country code and send him a whatsapp message
+905358952536 please call me
Thx man
My number Pm...
My number
Hi my number from Brazil: +55 47 9993 4884
Call me... Please!
Whats app
Please call me
Call my number
My number is +5853716365
I have installed the latest 2.11.536 (just now released)... Can some one call Me... Just inform, I'll PM My number...
Whatsapp 2.11.536
A new version (2.11.536) is released. Is it support calling?

E-mail attachments issue

i have an issue with the attachments display in my e-mail application (exchange account). Some of the attachments are dipslayed in the message, some of them are not. E.g. in the list of emails I can see an icon indicating that there is a attachment, but when I open the mail, I can´t find the attachment.
Any recommendations? Thx.
I faced the same problem on my previous P8 Max, I was only able to view attachments from people within my organisation. I am sure this a problem with Huawei native mail application as I am using nine exchange without any issues - highly recommended.
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